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The Carbon Copy, Catalyst, The Interchange, Hot Buttons, My Climate Journey, Redefing Energy, Tech4Climate, CleanTechies, The Energy Gang, Volts, Climavores, Watt It Takes, Climate Tech Cocktails, Carbon Removal Newsroom, Cutting Carbon, Energy 360°, Renewable Energy SmartPod, Columbia Energy Exchange, The Energy Transition Show, Climate 21, Reversing Climate Change, CleanTech Talk, Political Climate, Planet A, EV Chat, The Fully Charged PLUS Podcast, The Climate Change & Cleantech Show, Carbotnic, TED Climate, The Climate Minute, The Big Switch, Tactical Toolbelt, Azeem Azhar's Exponential View, Who's Saving The Planet?, Climate Rising, Climate Now, Climate One, Invested In Climate, Climate Biz, waterloop, The Water Values Podcast, Talking Under Water, Words on Water, Solving Water, Water Nerds, (don't) Waste Water!, Water We Talking About?, The Future of Water, The Stream, Water Foresight Podcast, Water Talk, Water Voice, Talk Water - BlueTech Research Podcast Series, Water Smarts Podcast, The Climate Question, Smart Water Solutions, The Water Table, AquaPod, What About Water?, Climate Cuisine, Farms. Food. Future., jivetalking, Water We Doing?, Food with Mark Bittman, The Climate Pod, Hot Take, Green I/O, Environment Variables, Nature:Breaking, Social Innovation Podcast, Degrees, The Nexus Podcast, Business for Good, The Climapreneur Show, The NatureBacked Podcast, The Energy Podcast, Switched On

Biz & Tech:
All-In, Pivot, This Week in Startups, Masters of Scale, The Consumer VC, Business Casual, Business Daily, The School of Greatness, Decoder, The Pomp Podcast, Recode Daily, Not Investment Advice, How I Built This, Invest Like the Best, Planet Money, a16z Podcast, We Study Billionaires, Build The Future, The Prof G Show, Business Movers, Business Breakdowns, Secret Sauce, The Quest Pod, Girls That Invest, Business Wars, Business Unusual

Culture & Society:
The Daily, Sway, The Journal, Unexplainable, Today Expained, The Indicator from Planet Money, The School for Humanity, Vox Conversations, The World Ahead, TSC: Him & Her Podcast, Flightless Bird, Offline with Jon Favreau, Code Switch, Making Sense, The Ezra Klein Show, Start Here, Consider This, The Chris Cuomo Project, Mo News, Real Time with Bill Maher, The Joe Rogan Experience, The Argument, Up First

The mindbodygreen Podcast, The goop Podcast, The Plant Proof Podcast, The Human Upgrade, Broken Brain Podcast, Ten Percent Happier, Doctor's Farmacy, The Balanced Blonde, The Art of Being Well